What we offer

Efficient and Effective.

Whether we are acting as the General Consulting firm, the Campaign Management Team, or a vendor for one of our many services, we would love to partner with you to ensure a successful campaign.

We offer a hands on approach to consulting. We handle strategic planning that includes creating a viable pathway to victory, and the steps needed to get there. We offer consulting, campaign management, or both depending on the needs of the campaign. We handle all vendor relations to ensure a streamlined approach that prevents action items from falling through the cracks.


If you don’t know who to talk to, you can’t win an election. We know how to create the appropriate voter universe that is tailored specifically to the candidate and the race to win the election.

Modeling is important in planning, we have experience in making sure we have reliable models we can count on

Real- Time Tracking of Early Voting and Absentee Voting allows us to tweak models and adjust during the final push of campaigns

Need to know the important issues? What voters think about you? We have you covered. We use tried and true methods that are reliable.

We work with production companies that we trust to get the job done right. We handle all ad buys in house to make sure you get the best price. We then use cutting edge data to target ads to the right people.

We work with the best mail firms in the business to make sure you are getting the best product at the best price

We offer fundraising services, and also partner with outside fundraisers in certain campaigns. We work with reliable finance directors and treasurers to make sure all finance reports are handled properly.

Every Campaign needs a functional website. Let us create a website that not only looks good but is functional.

Speeches can change history. They can also be forgotten. We make sure that our candidates are confident when addressing a crowd, and well prepared to give a presentation that is memorable.

Our partners are no strangers to interviews, feel at ease knowing that those representing your campaign will represent you in a professional manner.

Our team knows the issues and how to communicate them. We make sure our candidates are well prepared not just to hold their own in debates, but to win decisive victories.

Our team has spent years studying policy, we help candidates talk confidently about the issues.

One of the oldest and most effective tools that any campaign has. Our teams have talked to hundreds of thousands of voters. Our  know how to effectively implement a strong grass roots strategy.

We have the experience of building a grass roots movement. We know that local leadership structure is critical.

Joining our team means joining a network of outstanding individuals, and a letter to a group of voters from a community leader can make a difference.

Missing Something? Contact us to see if we can help with your campaign.